The World’s 1st Metaverse Teleportation Protocol

Our Mission

MHTTP is committed to safeguarding an open and connected Metaverse through our open source teleportation protocol.

True freedom of movement is crucial to the healthy and sustainable development of the Metaverse, Web3 and the next-generation Internet. MHTTP ensures a decentralized Metaverse and next-generation Internet that is open, connected, and truly free.

Our Values

Open. Connected. Accessible.

This is our guiding ethos when it comes to realizing the sustainable development of the Metaverse.

Our Tech

MHTTP is a gamechanging open teleportation standard with 3 main pillars:

Open Portal Schema is a json schema that enables developers to specify how portals look, interact and work.
Teleportation Mechanisms help developers teleport users from an origin world to a destination world. Current mechanisms supported include HTTP, Deeplinks and Bridging.
Asset Teleporter allows developers to teleport users’ digital identities and blockchain assets across virtual worlds.
In addition to publishing MHTTP’s specifications, we have started an early reference implementation of MHTTP on GitHub as an open-source project under MIT license. You can join our movement today by exploring use cases, discussing ideas or contributing code.

How does MHTTP connect all in the Metaverse?

For Users

Travel seamlessly and with complete freedom across virtual worlds.

For World Owners and Creators

Collaborate, share traffic, offer complementary experiences, grow their communities and engage with the entire Metaverse ecosystem.

For Developers

We ensure the virtual worlds and portals you have developed will reach the widest possible audience.

For The Whole Metaverse Ecosystem

We offer an open, extendable standard that promotes interoperability and connectivity among virtual worlds to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the Metaverse.